I’m a highly experienced Creative Manager with a hunger for digital, print, brand and process. I manage teams, studios, stakeholders and projects.

I manage teams, studios, stakeholders and projects.

I’ve spent the last 11+ years working across many creative disciplines including print, digital, signage, packaging, branding and identity, and illustration. I keep up with trends and have an eye for brand. That means I know how to connect your vision to your visuals.

I currently manage a team of 15 designers with a focus of developing seamless design experiences across digital and print. We work hard, smart and fast, and pride ourselves on the business problems we solve.

I’m quick-thinking, intuitive with a strong work ethic, and I thrive under pressure. Feedback? Here for it. Whether I’m giving or receiving it, I believe in feedback and cross-functional collaboration at every level. It’s how we tell better stories, drive commerciality and above all, drive connection.